The DC Global Shapers are involved in a number of projects & events during the year. Here are some of our favorites.


'Meet the leader' series

Shapers interact with influential leaders in the community in a casual, fireside chat format. Read about past and upcoming "Meet the Leader" under News and Events.



Davos Debrief

After the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos, the local Shapers are invited to participate in a "Davos Debrief" dinner and discussion with a few people who were able to attend. Read about past Davos Debrief events here




#Blood4All is an annual Global Initiative that aims to engage youth through social media to spark a conversation about becoming voluntary blood donors and taking action donating blood
periodically. Our objective is developing digital initiatives, programs, events and blood drives that will change the way people think and talk about blood donation and ultimately improve health outcomes. Read about the 2018 #Blood4All project here.