LGBT Youth Fundraiser

DC Shaper Sam Rithotlz - who was involved with the DC Center's Youth Working Group, which advises local DC government on how to best support LGBT youth in the area - invited the Shapers to the LGBT Community's Youth Working Group Reception. Most startlingly, almost half of DC's youth experiencing homelessness population identify as LGBT. And thus, the organization focuses on best serving the needs of LGBT youth experiencing homelessness in the DC area. 

The DC Shapers donated in force - reaching silver level sponsorship for the event, as well as donated items to be auctioned off.  Several DC Shapers were in attendance at the reception.


Casey Trees Volunteering

The DC Shapers joined Casey Trees to survey Rawlins/Walt Wiltman Park.  After learning the tools and techniques, participants split up into groups and began measuring trees. They documented tree species, height, diameter of the trunk, width of the crown and more. 

Casey Trees is a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit, established in 2002, committed to restoring, enhancing and protecting the tree canopy of the nation’s capital. More information about Casey Trees can be found on their website.

2017 Annual Retreat

April 21-23, 2017

The 6th Annual DC Shapers Retreat was held in the Shenandoah Valley of Luray, Virginia. This is the highlight of the year and the most dedicated time we'll have to get to know each other better as well as plan future activities. 

Meet the Leader: Sonal Shah

Meet the Leader with Sonal Shah (Executive Director of the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University)

Continuing the positive energy from the Washington Women’s march, DC Shapers got to listen to Sonal Shah (Economist, social impact leader and ultimate lady Boss) talk about her journey from Bosnia/Kosovo, to the White House, Goldman Sachs, Google and pivot back to the public sector. Ever honest and blunt, Sonal’s antidotes of women in the workplace, her experiences in the public and private sectors made for an interesting conversation over a glass of vino.

Special thank you to DC Shaper Angela Jhanji for putting this together!