Blood4All 2017

An annual campaign conceived and implemented by DC Shaper Roberto Carlos Garza Rodríguez,  #Blood4All is a Global Initiative that aims to engage youth through social media to spark a conversation about becoming voluntary blood donors and taking action donating blood periodically. Theobjective is developing digital initiatives, programs, events and blood drives that will change the way people think and talk about blood donation and ultimately improve health outcomes. This year's campaign took place from 2-10 December 2017.

#Blood4All is a collaboration between the Global Shapers Community Hubs, government, international organizations, academic institutions, civil society and businesses.

First held during the first week of December in 2016, in 32 cities of Europe, America, Asia
and Africa. The Global Blood Drive helps an estimated of 4000 adults around the world.

In 2017, more than 20 Shaper hubs around the world participated in this campaign, resulting in over 500 donations.